If you have a building that is plagued with vacancy, bad tenants, maintenance issues, or city compliance problems, then you need to call us today. Don’t become one of the many landlords/owners who will give up ownership and sell their assets because of frustration. Your investment is important to us, no matter how big or small. Theos Property Management knows when it comes to having a profitable building, it’s not about luck, but about good management, and exceeding expectations.

covers but not limited to the following scope:

• Property inspections, evaluation and marketing
• Sale/leasing/disposal of or purchase of properties
• Tenant screening, selection, Placement & Retention
• Rent Collection & disbursement
• Payment of bills to service providers
• Renegotiation & renewal of leases
• Property insurance administration
• Monitoring of tenants compliance with the terms of the lease or rent
• Liaising between the tenant and property owner to facilitate satisfaction of both parties
• Property Maintenance, repairs and other functions that ensure the maximization of investor’s returns within legal and ethical boundaries.
• Marketing & Advertising
• Accounting & Record Keeping
• Evictions & Contract enforcement
• Utilities Management & Tenant liaison
• General advisory services for property investors

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