Property Development

At Theos Limited, we are real estate developers. Our objective includes the provision of homes suitable for buyers, with a strong customer centered approach in the design and execution of our property developments.

We identify potentially lucrative property development opportunities; we add value to the property either as a fully owned or as a joint venture development to provide a residential facility with timeless design and backed by services to ensure lasting comfort and peace of mind of the homeowner or end user.

Our properties remain attractive to a wide array of buyers from the family interested in comfortable living to investors who are desirous of premium returns in investment.



We undertake building works of structures of various sizes and ranging from erection of buildings from scratch up until completion and finished to renovation works on existing buildings, Conversion of use, improved aesthetics and interior fit out.

The scope of work we undertake on our construction projects include:

  •    Design and Build projects
  •    Building fabric and structure
  •    Interior finishes and furnishings
  •    Electrical and Mechanical services
  •    Heat, Ventilation and Cooling (HVAC) Systems
  •    Extra Low voltage (ELV) Services – CcTv, Intercomm, Fire prevention and protection etc

On projects which we undertake, we deploy experienced Building construction professionals, making use of contemporary technologies available in the construction industry and work within parameters laid down in recognized building codes, standards and practices in a creatively coordinated mix aimed at bringing the dreams of our clients from paper to reality with minimum deviation.

Our building construction portfolio comprises of residential estates, residential building, shopping complex, office buildings amongst others.

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