Theos Limited offers total management on behalf of the client, for the entire process necessary for the successful construction of a building project

At THEOS, we have a team of qualified and experienced project managers personnel who have decades of experience working on projects of various sizes and for a variety of clients to take charge of the project and drive it successfully to completion thereby relieving our Clients of unnecessary anxiety during the construction process.

We deploy contemporary methodologies and solutions to effectively deal with project challenges and ensure that the project is delivered to the client’s requirements in terms of the quality requirements, budgets cost and desired completion time

At THEOS we oversee new construction, renovations, multi-floor demolition and remodeling to luxury finishing work, tenant build out projects.

How We Serve


THEOS project management service aims at providing support to our clients towards the successful execution and delivery of construction projects, to the satisfaction of the owners and sponsors and the end users of the development.

Our services range across the project life cycle. Which includes:

  •    Project Inception
  •    Planning and Design
  •    Construction
  •    Commissioning and Handover
  •    Project Close out

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